Thursday, April 21, 2011

No, Mr. Durant - no, he didn't.

A quick note to Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder - your "lord and savior" did not, in fact, put you in place to win Game 1 of your playoff series.  To say nothing of all the other people who did actually contribute to the team being where it is (fans, ownership, employees, coaches, teammates, the people in Seattle who bailed on the Zombie Sonics), it's awfully crass and solipsistic - that means self-absorbed, O King of the One-and-Done - to think the universe's creator cares so dearly about your heroics at the expense of, say, people on Denver's sideline who likely believe a similar version of the same nonsense you spouted.  And besides, you know, there's no better way to show how great the Sky Daddy is than to throw a bit of leather through a metal ring.  

I hoped this crap would be mitigated by the NFL's league-wide ban on the sort of ridiculousness Tim Tebow displayed in college, but no, it just migrated west.

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