Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A few intended projects in the coming weeks

For those interested (right now, that being me), I'll be reading through chapters of the King James Bible as well as the Qu'ran, taking a red pen to these allegedly infallible texts.  I've already got a set of notes written up for the ludicrous book known as Genesis, and I may bounce back and forth between suras and parts of the Bible.  Perhaps one each month is a good plan, since it'll keep me from getting so annoyed that I delete either one from my HDD before I finish the project.  The least I can do is finish them both, since I haven't done so yet, and it's good to know what the other side of an argument is.

The posts will probably be titled, "The Literary Critic versus" whichever book/sura is upcoming, so keep an eye out.

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